The Ishmael & Isaac Mission

  1. To be a voice of hope and truth to  the Muslim people and help unite Isaac and Ishmael in Christ.
  2. To provide strategic Biblical counsel surrounding the many faces of terrorism and the spiritual dynamics behind this mentality.
  3. To define and clarify God's purposes and plans for the Muslim people and how it interrelates with the Jews and Christians in the endtimes.        

God loves the Muslims, the Jews and the Christians (the Body of Christ), but how do they all fit into the big picture and the endtime puzzle? The world we live in attempts to divide and label in order to differentiate what it does not understand. This often leads to prejudice, conflict and confusion. Since 9/11 the face of Islam and Muslims have been synonymous with violence and fear.  Nearly a decade later there are many unanswered questions about the origins and extent of terrorism in the Muslim world. Furthermore, the Church is perplexed about how to reach out to the Muslim people, and views their ancient ancestor Ishmael as a mistake and consequently, the enemy of God and Israel. 

Meanwhile, the Creator of Heaven and Earth is not a respecter of persons and defines Himself as Love and the Father of Life. He also reveals His plan for these three groups of people in the Bible who all find their origins in Abraham, the father of faith. You might think the Bible is only important to Christians and doubt its relevance to Jews and especially to Muslims. However, for the Jew, the Torah, the Prophets and entire Old Testament are parts of that same Bible. As for Muslims, they are commanded in their holy book to have equal faith in the Qur'an and the previous three books that came from God. These three books make up the Bible. Yet there is another face to this Muslim story that brings balance, hope and more clarity. This is the face of Jesus appearing to millions of Muslims in dreams and visions, fulfilling the promise of God to Ishmael one Muslim heart at a time. All humanity comes from the blood of one man and can only be saved by the blood of one, Christ Jesus. However, not all people groups have become recipients of this redemption and salvation nor do they necessarily understand how they fit into God’s purposes and plans. This is where the Ishmael & Issac Mission is the key to our time. 

To further the Ishmael & Isaac Mission and bring the message of reconciliation to Muslim households in North America and the world, Faisal Malick has released a new book, 10 Amazing Muslims Touched By God, about ten real-life people and their faith in Allah, the Qur'an and their amazing encounters with the God of Abraham. The website dedicated to 10 Amazing Muslims Touched By God was also launched recently and further engages the reader with reviews from other readers, a Q&A section, contact information and even prayer.  

How are we making a difference?


Plumbine - CLM produces and airs a daily broadcast that brings the Word to life and Interprets the times. The program brings a fresh revelation of God to Christians, Jews and Muslims alike empowering them to walk in their destiny. This is the first of many steps in producing media content 24hrs a day in multiple languages and delivering it to the world through every media platform known to man before Jesus returns.


The Covenant of Life Media website consistently ministers fresh life-changing video content free of charge to  55+ countries every month around the world. This is growing every month.


Pastor Malick’s books are going around the world.  The Destiny of Islam in the Endtimes is being used as a catalyst for revival among the Muslims and Jewish communities.  It has been translated into other languages such as Korean, German and Indonesian. The book was recently released in Indonesia--the largest Muslim country in the world. Pastor Malick's DVDs and CD teachings are changing lives through the Word of God around the globe.


  • Understanding Ishmael & Islam
  • How To Minister to Muslims
  • Terrorism & Islam
  • The Political Spirit & Islam
  • Muslim Wealth And Ishmael’s Blessing
  • Muslims, The Church & Israel


The CLM Church is a hub for people to develop an authentic relationship with God and mature in Christ. Families receive revelation in the Word of God through the power of the Holy Spirit. It is a place where families experience community and become part of a global vision to bring hope and life changing truth to all of God’s people.


A place where people will be trained and equipped to live out their life assignment. People will discover their calling, cultivate their gifts, develop their character, and receive on-going mentoring as they walk out their destiny. The school will also focus on leadership development and train leaders for the 21st century especially for the Ishmael Project.

How can you get involved?


Make a gift today and let your seed be a voice of hope and truth to Ishmael and help unite Isaac and Ishmael in Christ. Invest into eternity!


  • BUILDING FUND PROJECT CLM needs a multi-faceted facility to house the Church, Global Training Centre and Television Studios to better produce media content 24hrs a day and send it around the world in different languages.
  • MEDIA FUND CLM has opportunity for you to help fund media equipment, cameras and complete studios in order to produce biblical programming 24 hrs a day in multiple languages such as English, Urdu Hindi, Arabic, Russian, Chinese, Persian (Farsi) and deliver it through every media platform known to man.  
  • AIR TIME & NETWROK FUND  - You can help financially support and sponsor the air time on television and satellites to 4 billion people around the world.