The Enemy's Counterfeit
Lesson 12 of Hearing God's Voice

One of the purposes of this series in teaching children to hear the voice of God through dreams, visions, angel visitations, the audible voice, etc., has been to introduce them to the power of the supernatural life through Jesus Christ and God our Father. Every human being is drawn to the supernatural like a moth is drawn to light. But without the knowledge of the miraculous power of God and how it affects our daily lives, there is a potential for people, including children, to be attracted to the counterfeit and dangerous, supernatural powers of our enemy.  We’re living in a day when Satan is no longer “undercover” with his message of magic, strange wizardry, spells, and witchcraft. He’s out in the open aggressively waging battle for the attention of children by packaging his agenda in the most acceptable, seemingly innocent forms. For this reason, we want to take today’s session to point out the enemy’s tricks that children, without Godly influence, may not be mature enough to discern on their own. 

Hello Parents, Please print the lesson and walk your children through it.
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