Kids of all ages are welcome at Kids World

Joy Land (Ages 2-5)

Children in Joy Land get to take part in interactive learning in a room uniquely designed for their age group. Children enjoy being taught through story in an environment where they can feel safe and secure. 

Discovery Land (Kindergarten-Grade 1)

In Discovery Land, children begin discovering what God says about The Bible, Salvation, The Holy Spirit, Praise & Worship, Prayer and Intercession, Healing the Sick, Evangelism, and Missions.   Each week children begin learning to apply the Bible in their world and in their relationships. 

Promise Land (Grade 2-7)

Through creative Bible-based teaching, children learn transformational truths that ground them in Biblical understanding and grow their faith in God.  Children in Promise Land learn what the Bible teaches and how to apply it daily, live it boldly, and experience God in action.

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