Here at CLM we treasure the Presence of God!  Our goal is to help everyone turn their eyes away from themselves and their circumstances to Jesus and His beauty! We believe that as we behold Jesus together and begin to value and enjoy Him, He is honoured and glorified and we are transformed.

Our worship team is all about excellence, not to put on a show but to lead people into an encounter with God through worship. Our worship style is modern and yet with a depth and God-focus which will transform you as we enter into offering our praises and adoration to God.

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God, You're So Good | Live | CLM Worship

November 8, 2020

Only King Forever | Live | CLM Worship

November 29, 2020

O Holy Night | Live | CLM Worship

December 24, 2020

Amen | Live | CLM Worship

December 27, 2020

Who You Say I Am | Live | CLM Worship

January 10, 2021

I Will Look Up| Live | CLM Worship

January 31, 2021