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The Convergence Project
Together, we can break down the dividing wall between Jews and Gentiles and create One New Humanity (Ephesian 2:14-16).

Part of CLM's mission is to create a convergence of leaders who are aligned with God’s vision to unite Jews and Gentiles into one new humanity through Jesus and end the age-old hostility between these people groups. As believers in the House of God, we are called together to fulfill The Great Commission.

FACT CHECK THIS: The majority of the Gentile population is Muslim — 42% and growing! Sadly, a meager 1% of North American missionary funding goes to evangelizing and ministering to this largely unreached people group. This has got to change!

We believe that as we co-labor with God and invest in His vision, we can strategically change the face of Islam one Muslim at a time by the power of the gospel, the power of media, and the power of partnership.

Amazing Muslims Project
Sharing Real-Life Stories

The Amazing Muslims Project's mission is to foster conversation with Muslims by sharing and celebrating real-life stories of Sunni and Shiite Muslims who've had amazing supernatural encounters with the God of Abraham. This unique spiritual phenomenon is sweeping the Muslim world by storm, and coincidentally, has been occurring in direct contrast to the widely accepted image of terrorism and fear that Muslims have been portrayed as since 9/11. Coincidence? No, God is on the move! He is reconciling Muslims to Himself through Jesus, supernaturally

This project provides free resources for Muslims that encourage them to explore and engage with Jesus. We're seeking to enrich the spirit of every Muslim that interacts with our content, touching their hearts, and stretching their minds.

With the help of other ministries, we’ve sent over 600,000 free copies of 10 Amazing Muslims Touched by God to Muslim homes along with a personalized letter from Faisal Malick. We’ve been able to send Bibles and host a vibrantly active Facebook page resulting in numerous conversations about Jesus.

We believe that with your help, the Amazing Muslims project will feed the souls of thousands, even millions of amazing Muslims around the world.

Acts of Kindness
Generosity Breeds Generosity!

At CLM, it is in our DNA to be generous, especially with those who need it most. We go above and beyond to extend a helping hand to those in need, a heart of compassion to the broken-hearted, and empowerment to the disenfranchised in our local community. We help struggling individuals and families with financial help, food, and other resources as much as we are able to. For those grieving, we extend warm hospitality and encouraging support.

We strive to bring Life to the story of everyone in our local community through generosity! Let's collaborate! 

We Support Missionaries and Other Ministries
Found people find people

We support many missionaries that are part of our church family that serve and preach the gospel in countries in the 10-40 window. We also help support many other ministries that work to further the spread of the gospel.

Help us help them! Let's collaborate!