Practical Stewardship Class

Learn what it means to be a faithful steward in God’s House.

Join Dr. Faisal Malick and Beverley Watkins over the next 8 weeks as they share from the Word of God on PRACTICAL STEWARDSHIP. Drawing on years of experience, they will share with you the wisdom secrets they have discovered that are integral to stewardship in the Kingdom of God.

Starting Wednesday, 12 October at 7pm PDT, join us and learn:

  • What does it mean to be a steward in the Kingdom of God
  • Learn the difference between God’s economy and Mammon’s economy
  • How to be faithful with unrighteous mammon
  • Know the difference between tithe, bread and seed
  • Practical seed sowing
  • How to escape the snare of debt
  • Practical investing – how, when and why
  • Land – the cornerstone of generational wealth
  • Stewarding the power to create wealth
  • And much more